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Holiday Meal Ideas

Shop Herman's for all your holiday meal and gift-giving needs:

Christmas Meal Package (Feeds 10 people):

Consists of: 1 pan meat, 1 pan green beans, 1 pan mashed potatoes, and 1 pan stuffing.


Meat Choices: Smoked or Roasted Turkey $76.00

          Smoked or Roasted Turkey Breast $85.00

          Honey Glazed Ham $83.00

          Smoked Pulled Pork $75.00

          Smoked Brisket $84.00


          Smoked Turkey, Whole (small 9 to 11 pounds) $4.29/lb

          Smoked or Roasted Turkey Pan, sliced (feeds 10) $43.00

          Smoked or Roasted Turkey Breast Pan, sliced (feeds 10) $50.00                                                                       Smoked Pulled Pork Pan (feeds 10) $39.00

          Smoked Brisket Pan (sliced feeds 10) $48.00

          Honey Glazed Boneless Ham Pan (sliced feeds 10) $47.00

          Spiral Honey Glazed Ham (half approx.. 7 lbs, whole approx. 15 lbs) $5.99/lb

          Smoked Hams, whole bone in (16 to 18 pounds) $4.79/lb

          Smoked Hams bone in, butt end (8 to 10 pounds) $5.69/lb

          Smoked Hams bone in, shank end (8 to 10 pounds) $5.49

          Prime Rib Roasts boneless $14.29/lb, bone in $12.99/lb

          Beef Tenderloins $25.99/lb

          Leg of Lamb boneless $8.99/lb


Homemade Sides For Meals a la carte:

          Mashed Potatoes $12.00/pan (feeds 10)

          Stuffing $12.00/pan (feeds 10)

          Green Beans $12.00/pan (feeds 10)


For Gift Giving:

          Variety of gift boxes and meat bundles

          Gift certificates in any amount



For Holiday Parties:

          Smoked and BBQ meats

Meat & cheese trays: $2.80 per person minimum 10 person

          Deluxe Tray: Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef

          Snack Tray: Summer Sausage, Pepperoni, Hard Salami

          Both trays come with American, Swiss, Pepperjack Cheese

                   No substitutions on meats and cheeses please


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